Terms and Conditions

Texas Grill offers a delivery service to most areas within 3 mile radius of store. Each store has a limited delivery area, where charges may also apply. If you are not in one of our delivery areas, a message will appear on-screen notifying you. Some store opening hours are shorter due to local trading restrictions. We are closed on Christmas Day and will notify customers of any unexpected closures on any other day. Last delivery orders are taken 45 minutes before closure.

Refund Policy

Because of the nature of fast food delivery, refunds are given at the sole discretion of Texas Grill management of any store.

Once an order has been placed and delivered by any of our branches, you must contact the store direct should you have any complaints. The store must be given the opportunity to try and rectify any errors or dissatisfaction on the same day/ time of delivery. No Refunds or exchange will be given for any product which cannot be seen by staff to analyse or mostly consumed. If the store does not rectify this for you then please email admin@texasgrill.co.uk.


The owner of electronic card used for payment must present with the card on receiving the order. Card payments are secure. Minimum card order must be above £5. Minimum order for delivery must be above £12, however this may vary from store to store. Our delivery drivers only carry up to £10 in change, payment must be in pound (£) sterling. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by cheque.

Upon submitting your order details, you are making an offer to us to purchase the item(s) you have specified in your online order. We reserve the right to refuse your offer should it be necessary. In the event of Texas Grill needing to issue a refund we will endeavour to credit your account within 7 - 10 working days.

Payment methods may vary from store to store. Electronic payment charges may also apply to certain stores not exceeding 0.50p.

Modify or cancel your order

If you have made an order within the last 10 minutes and would like to modify or cancel your order please call the store directly. Orders which have already been made will need to be paid for and cannot be cancelled.

Delivery Times

Our goal is to provide piping hot food, fast. Unfortunately things don't always go to plan and factors, such as, weather and traffic conditions occasionally prevent us from achieving this. Our typical delivery time for customers within a 3 mile radius is 1 hour. Collection orders are usually ready within 25 minutes of ordering.


Side orders are subject to availability. In most cases, your local Texas Grill store manager will offer an alternative for any out-of-stock item. Although every care is taken, some products may contain nuts. Great care has been taken to remove all bones from boneless chicken and ham, some may remain. We no not delivery certain items such as Milkshakes and ice cream scoops. This has been clearly stated against each product. If such products are placed in the basket then the store may not delivery these items and money will be deducted or refunded. However minimum delivery order will apply.


By submitting your information you consent to the use of that information as set out in the Privacy Policy Statement.

Offers, Promotions or Discounts

When submitting your order details you may wish to offer to purchase the items specified in conjunction with a particular Texas Grill offer, promotion or discount. To take advantage of this facility you will need to enter the appropriate offer, promotion or discount code with your order details. These codes are present on our menus and other items of promotional literature from time to time. Voucher codes can not be used with other meal deals of offers.

Any such order will be subject to the specific terms and conditions of the offer, promotion or discount in question and will be subject to availability.

Meal deals are available at participating stores only and are not valid with any other offer.

We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw any offer prices, promotion, discount or Meal Deal at any time.

Certain voucher codes, offers and meal deals are only available for onlinethere fore will not be granted over the counter or phone, even when the website is unavailable for what ever reason.

Environment Policy

Texas Grill is committed to protecting the environment of the Earth and our aim is to minimise environmental impacts concerning our activities, products and services. In this respect our Policy is to:

  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the Companysubscribes which relate to its environmental aspects.
  • Integrate environmental objectives into relevant business decisions in a cost effectivemanner.
  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste and minimise the consumption of resources.
  • Educate, train and motivate employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsiblemanner.
  • Encourage environmental protection among suppliers and franchisees.
  • Committed to continual improvement of environmental performance. This Policy will becommunicated to all staff, franchisees and suppliers and will be available for thepublic.


All our calls are recorded for training staff and monitoring purposes. All our stores are equiped with 24/7 CCTV recording.

Contact Us

Please contact your local store by entering postal code on the homepage search bar.