About Us

Owners Atique Afzal & Toqeer Kataria launched Texas Grill in 2009. Their aim was to serve quality food in a casual open kitchen restaurant.

Unlike some other restaurants and takeaways, Texas Grill does not have the need to use preservatives or additives in its products. Owners take great pride in creating unique combinations of sauces and marinades using traditional herbs and spices to give you that mouth watering taste.

All Texas Grill meat and chicken is UK sourced. All beef steaks are 21-28 day mature and all chicken is freshly delivered then marinated for 24 hours before it is grilled to serve.


Dedication, teamwork and commitment are part of the core beliefs of the Texas Grill team.

Each store has a loyal customer base and it constantly listens to feedback and acts upon it.

If you are dedicated, hard-working and have the appetite for owning your own Texas Grill store, then Email your interest to admin@Texasgrill.co.uk for information about franchising opportunities.